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справочник для аптек, OnePharm, DariiKZ, справочник, программа для аптеки


- it is the nomenclature reference book which contains the automatically updated list of the pharmaceutical range conforming to all legislative requirements.
Contains full name and description
Medicines, medical devices and goods honey. appointments.
Contains the
full name
The person who released the drug or medical device.
generic name
From the directory of the state register of medicines.
Automatically identifies analogues of the product
All products and drugs are divided into groups and sections
Marked belonging to a group EDL and the ATX
The guide meets all legal requirements
Wholesale and retail prices are realized
According to the order of 24.07.2009.
Automatic update pharmaceutical range
Implemented a sign of prescription release
Compatible with any internal accounting program
Add new products to the directory with the description
Further support and updating of the directory
Free transcoding
This is bringing the pharmacy directory and database OnePharm into a single system
Automatic update
You do not need to monitor all changes to the state register directories
Smart integration
Integrate your database with the data directory OnePharm
for fast operation
Personal manager
You do not have to solve any difficulties, the Manager of the company will do it for you
Scheme of work
You leave a request on the website or call
Our Manager will book the day and date of connection
Directory integration is performed
The directory is fully configured and ready to use
Ирина Владимировна
The only reference book of its kind. It has all the necessary information about the product. Filter and auto-search analogues greatly facilitates the work.
Нелли Васильевна
Simple and clear guide, easy to handle and convenient. I recommend it to all colleagues.
Мария Геннадьевна
Easier and more convenient reference, I have never met. It is undoubtedly the best to date in terms of functionality and quantity of goods.
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